“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” 
 Friedrich Nietzsche


In the work called Mindscape, Notananda purposes to express his inner thoughts towards natural scenery of rural areas around Thailand through abstract landscape paintings. The artist consciously notices that behind every memorial image he has seen, there will always be an intense story which might not be really beautiful like it seems to be and vice versa. Furthermore, Notananda also encounters the charms about being able to accept the chaotic and unsightly reality, during his process. As the result, this work mainly aims at portraying aggregation between two states of a man including impression and realization according to memento. To convey this abstract sense without giving any literal information, Notananda decides to present the reduced form of these natural landscapes that vividly exist in his mind. He also intentionally uses agitated leading lines and colours, which have psychological attribute to arouse human’s sense, as a dialect to communicate with his audiences.




Chatchawan Nilsakul  / The Boss

Weerapat Jinkrawee  /  Frontman

Chatchai Notananda  /  Manage



About Chatchai Notananda

Chatchai Notananda is an artist residing in Chiang Mai province. His works have a remarkable style that focuses on making a combination of his recollection of natural landscapes and his subconscious state. It is somehow like a color mixing method causing unusual tones and textures. Notananda essentially expresses his thoughts through painting and printmaking which mostly aim at creating an emotional space to communicate with the audiences